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Role of weak molecular interactions in chiral recognition

par Zehnacker-Rentien Anne - 17 novembre 2015 (modifié le 2 octobre 2018)

Ionic interactions are strong interactions and dominate in ionic complexes. Also, neutral complexes are often bound by "strong "hydrogen bonds like OH…O or OH..N interactions. However, weaker interactions like OH…π or CH…π as well as delocalised dispersion interactions play an important role in chiral recognition.

We have evidenced the role of weak interaction in neutral systems on the example of (1R,2S)-(+)-cis-1-amino-2-indanol and methyl lactate.

Dispersion plays an important role in the Napthyl ethanol-Methyl Lactate system and Methyl Mandelate-Methyl Lactate.

Even in ionic systems such as cinchona alkaloids dimers, where the main interaction is a strong hydrogen bond (almost a shared proton), weaker interactions play an important role for discriminating pseudo enantiomers.


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