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Peer-reviewed Publications

Baffou, G., Mayne, A. J., Comtet, G., & Dujardin, G. (2008). State selective electron transport through electronic surface states of 6H-SiC(0001)-3 x 3. PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 77(16), 165320.
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Bellec, A., Riedel, D., Dujardin, G., Rompotis, N., & Kantorovich, L. N. (2008). Dihydride dimer structures on the Si(100):H surface studied by low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy. PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 78(16), 165302.
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De Padova, P., Leandri, C., Vizzini, S., Quaresima, C., Perfetti, P., Olivieri, B., Oughaddou, H., Aufray, B., & Le Lay, G. (2008). Burning match oxidation process of silicon nanowires screened at the atomic scale. NANO LETTERS, 8(8), 2299–2304.
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Lastapis, M., Martin, M., Riedel, D., & Dujardin, G. (2008). Role of the dopant in silicon on the dynamics of a single adsorbed molecule. PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 77(12), 125316.
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Mamatkulov, M., Stauffer, L., Sonnet, P., Mayne, A. J., Comtet, G., & Dujardin, G. (2008). Theoretical simulations of the tip-induced configuration changes of the 4,4 '-diacetyl-p-terphenyl molecule chemisorbed on Si(001). JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 128(24), 244710.
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Oughaddou, H., Aufray, B., Biberian, J. P., Ealet, B., Le Lay, G., Treglia, G., Kara, A., & Rahman, T. S. (2008). Self-organization of Ge tetramers on Ag(001) surface: A 2D realization of unusual substrate mediated interactions. SURFACE SCIENCE, 602(2), 506–510.
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Yang, H., Baffou, G., Mayne, A. J., Comtet, G., Dujardin, G., & Kuk, Y. (2008). Topology and electron scattering properties of the electronic interfaces in epitaxial graphene probed by resonant tunneling spectroscopy. PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 78(4), 041408.
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Chapitres de Livres

Mayne, A. J., & Dujardin, G. (2008). STM manipulation and Dynamics. In Dynamics (Vol. 3, pp. 681–759). Handbook of Surface Science. E. Hasselbrink and B.I. Lundqvist.
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