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Peer-reviewed Publications

Canneson, D., Le Moal, E., Cao, S., Quélin, X., Dallaporta, D., Dujardin, G., & Boer-Duchemin, E. (2016). Surface plasmon polariton beams from an electrically excited plasmonic crystal. OPTICS EXPRESS, 24(23), 26186–26200.
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Debiossac, M., Zugarramurdi, A., Mu, Z., Lunca-Popa, P., Mayne, A. J., & Roncin, P. (2016). Helium diffraction on SiC grown graphene: Qualitative and quantitative descriptions with the hard-corrugated-wall model. PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 94(20), 205403.
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Dujardin, G., Boer-Duchemin, E., Le Moal, E., Mayne, A. J., & Riedel, D. (2016). DIET (Dynamics at surfaces Induced by Electronic Transitions) at the nanoscale. SURFACE SCIENCE, 643, 13–17.
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Le Moal, E., Marguet, S., Canneson, D., Rogez, B., Boer-Duchemin, E., Dujardin, G., Teperik, T. V., Marinica, D. C., & Borisov, A. G. (2016). Engineering the emission of light from a scanning tunneling microscope using the plasmonic modes of a nanoparticle. PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 93(3), 035418.
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Rogez, B., Cao, S., Dujardin, G., Comtet, G., Le Moal, E., Mayne, A. J., & Boer-Duchemin, E. (2016). The mechanism of light emission from a scanning tunnelling microscope operating in air. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 27(46), 465201.
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Sonnet, P., Stauffer, L., Gille, M., Bléger, D., Hecht, S., Cejas, C., Dujardin, G., & Mayne, A. J. (2016). Molecular dissociation on the SiC(0001)-3x3 surface. CHEMPHYSCHEM, 17(23), 3900–3906.
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Actes de Conférences

Cao, S., Lequeux, M., Le Moal, E., Drezet, A., Huant, S., Dujardin, G., Boer-Duchemin, E. (2016). Using a plasmonic lens to control the emission of electrically excited light. In PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE (Vol. 9884, 98841Y).
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Chapitres de Livres

Oughaddou, H., Enriquez, H., Tchalala, M. R., Bendounan, A., Mayne, A. J., Sirotti, F., & & Dujardin, G. (2016). Silicene on Ag(111) and Au(110) surfaces. In Silicene; Structure, Properties and Applications (pp. 167–181). Springer Series in Materials Science, 235. Berlin: Spencer, M.J.S. & T. Morishita, T.
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