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Peer-reviewed Publications

Bryche, J. - F., Barbillon, G., Bartenlian, B., Dujardin, G., Boer-Duchemin, E., & Le Moal, E. (2018). k-space optical microscopy of nanoparticle arrays: Opportunities and artifacts. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 124(4), 043102.
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Cao, S., Le Moal, E., Jiang, Q., Drezet, A., Huant, S., Hugonin, J. - P., Dujardin, G., & Boer-Duchemin, E. (2018). Directional light beams by design from electrically driven elliptical slit antennas. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 9, 2361–2371.
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Kölsch, S., Fritz, F., Fenner, M.A., Kurch, S., Wöhrl, N., Mayne, A.J., Dujardin, G. & Meyer, C. (2018). Kelvin probe force microscopy studies of the charge effects upon adsorption of carbon nanotubes and C60 fullerenes on hydrogen-terminated diamond. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 123(1), 15103.
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Ramos, P., Mankarious, M., Pavanello, M., & Riedel, D. (2018). Probing Charge Transfer Dynamics in a Single Iron Tetraphenylporphyrin Dyad Adsorbed on an Insulating Surface. NANOSCALE, 10, 17603–17616.
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Tchalala, M. R., Kara, A., Lachgar, A., Yagoubi, S., Foy, E., Vega, E., Nitsche, S., Chaudanson, D., Aufray, B., EL Firdoussi, L., Ali, M. A., & Oughaddou, H. (2018). Silicon nanoparticles synthesis from calcium disilicide by Redox assisted chemical exfoliation. Materials Today Communications, 16, 281–284.
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Tchalala, R. M., Enriquez, H., Mayne, A. J., Kara, A., Dujardin, G., & Oughaddou, H. (2018). First steps of silicene growth on Ag(111). Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1081, 012005.
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Zhang, W., Enriquez, H., Tong, Y., Bendounan, A., Kara, A., Seitsonen, A. P., Mayne, A. J., Dujardin, G., & Oughaddou, H. (2018). Epitaxial Synthesis of Blue Phosphorene. SMALL, 14, 1804066.
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Zhao, M., Almarzouqi, F., Duverger, E., Sonnet, P., Dujardin, G., & Mayne, A. J. (2018). Sub-molecular spectroscopy and temporary molecular charging of Ni-phthalocyanine on graphene with STM. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 20(29), 19507–19514.
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