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Peer-reviewed Publications

Chiaravalloti, F., Dujardin, G., Riedel, D., Pinto, H. P., & Foster, A. S. (2011). Atomic-scale study of the adsorption of calcium fluoride on Si(100) at low-coverage regime. PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 84(15), 155433.
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Park, C., Yang, H., Mayne, A. J., Dujardin, G., Seo, S., Kuk, Y., Ihm, J., & Kim, G. (2011). Formation of unconventional standing waves at graphene edges by valley mixing and pseudospin rotation. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 108(46), 18622–18625.
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Rochdi, N., Liudvikouskaya, K., Descoins, M., Raissi, M., Coudreau, C., Lazzari, J. L., Oughaddou, H., & D'Avitaya, F. A. (2011). Surface morphology and structure of ultra-thin magnesium oxide grown on (100) silicon by atomic layer deposition oxidation. THIN SOLID FILMS, 519(19), 6302–6306.
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Vizzini, S., Enriquez, H., Chiang, S., Oughaddou, H., & Soukiassian, P. (2011). Nano-structures developing at the graphene/silicon carbide interface. SURFACE SCIENCE, 605(5-6), L6–L11.
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Wang, T., Boer-Duchemin, E., Tranvouez, E., Cartwright, R., Comtet, G., Dujardin, G., & Mayne, A. J. (2011). Low voltage fabrication of sub-nanometer insulating layers on hydrogenated diamond. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 110(3), 034311.
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Wang, T., Boer-Duchemin, E., Zhang, Y., Comtet, G., & Dujardin, G. (2011). Excitation of propagating surface plasmons with a scanning tunnelling microscope. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 22(17), 175201.
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Procédures de Conférences

Enriquez, H., Oughaddou H., & Kara, A. (2011). International Conference on Nano-Materials and Renewable Energies (Vol. 2). Simplex Academic Publishers.
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Mayne, A. J., & Dujardin, G. (2011). Atomic and Molecular Manipulation (Vol. 2). Frontiers in Nanoscience. A.J. Mayne, G. Dujardin.
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Chapitres de Livres

Mayne, A. J., Riedel, D., Comtet, G., & Dujardin, G. (2011). Electronic Control of Single Molecule Nanomachines. In Current-Driven Phenomena in Nanoelectronics (pp. 156–188). T. Seideman.
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