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Surfaces, Interfaces : Réactivity and Nanostructuration

par Roncin Philippe - 11 octobre 2018

The SIREN team investigates the physical and chemical properties of surfaces mainly covered by molecular systems and/or clusters for which we try to measure the structural parameters and understand the mutual interactions. For instance, the absorption of reactive species (H2, H2O, etc.) can lead to a spontaneous nanostructuration. For self-assembled molecular layers, the interactions depend on the density and number of layers. Either we observe directly the organization by STM or GIFAD or we apply molecular spectroscopy (HREELS, SFG) to identify specific molecular terminations, their orientation, and environment. Well controlled low energy electrons are also used to induce energy specific reactions and to graft specific terminations.
These technics described below are now connected together via an ultra-high vacuum tunnel to better combine topology and spectroscopy. The application span astrophysics, radiobiology, thin layer growth, molecular electronics chemical and biological sensors.

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