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Electronic spectroscopy of PAHs and their derivatives

par Boye-Peronne Séverine - 30 octobre 2015

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and their ionic derivatives are at the focus of several research projects because of their astrophysical interest. Large molecules which supposedly resemble PAHs are expected to be present in space and give rise (or participate) to spectroscopic features observed from the infrared to the UV range of wavelength, namely the aromatic infrared bands (AIBs), the diffuse interstellar bands and the UV bump at 217 nm. At ISMO, we study the high to medium resolution (far to mid) IR absorption spectra of neutral PAHs, the visible to UV absorption spectra of neutral and ionic PAHs as well as their clusters. To tackle these tasks, joint experimental and theoretical developments are performed.