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Molecular Nanoscience Group

The Molecular Nanoscience Group is part of the Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay, a joint research laboratory of the CNRS and Université de Paris-Sud XI. The goal of the Molecular Nanoscience Group is the creation of atomic-scale structures capable of incorporating diverse nanomachine functions (bistable molecule, single atom memory, photon nano-source, graphene and silicene nano devices, etc.).

The aim of the group is to achieve electrical and optical control of individual atomic-scale devices by combining experimental and theoretical expertise in :

  • the fabrication of functionalized atomic and molecular devices on surface
  • the electronic, optical and quantum control of such devices through atomic-scale manipulation using the Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM), Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), Optical Spectroscopy, and Synchrotron Radiation
  • the modelling of surfaces and adsorbates in a laser beam and the STM tunnel junction

Recent Articles

Silicene Structures

M. R. Tchalala, H. Enriquez, A.J. Mayne, A. Kara, G. Dujardin, and H. Oughaddou, "First steps of silicene growth on Ag(111)", Journal of Physics : Conference Series 1081, 012005 (2018)

Directing light with electricity

S. Cao, E. Le Moal, Q. Jiang, J.-P. Hugonin, A. Drezet, S. Huant, G. Dujardin, E. Boer-Duchemin, "Directional light beams by design from electrically driven elliptical slit antennas", Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 9, 2361 (2018)

Charge transfer dynamics within a molecular dimer

P. Ramos, M. Mankarious, M. Pavanello, D. Riedel, "Probing Charge Transfer Dynamics in a Single Iron Tetraphenylporphyrin Dyad Adsorbed on an Insulating Surface", Nanoscale 10, 17603-17616 (2018)

Microscopy in k-space revisited

J.-F. Bryche, G. Barbillon, B. Bartenlian, G. Dujardin, E. Boer-Duchemin, E. Le Moal, "k-space optical microscopy of nanoparticle arrays: Opportunities and artifacts", J. Appl. Phys. 124, 043102 (2018)

Sub-molecular spectroscopy of NiPc on graphene

M. Zhao, F. Al Marzouqi, E. Duverger, Ph. Sonnet, G. Dujardin, A.J. Mayne, “Sub-molecular spectroscopy and temporary molecular charging of Ni-Phthalocyanine on graphene by STM” Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 20, 19507 (2018)