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Zhao, M., Almarzouqi, F., Duverger, E., Sonnet, P., Dujardin, G., & Mayne, A. J. (2018). Sub-molecular spectroscopy and temporary molecular charging of Ni-phthalocyanine on graphene with STM. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 20(29), 19507–19514.
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Debiossac, M., Zugarramurdi, A., Mu, Z., Lunca-Popa, P., Mayne, A. J., & Roncin, P. (2016). Helium diffraction on SiC grown graphene: Qualitative and quantitative descriptions with the hard-corrugated-wall model. PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 94(20), 205403.
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Zugarramurdi, A., Momeni, A., Debiossac, M., Lunca-Popa, P., Mayne, A.J., Borisov, A.G., Mu, Z., Roncin, P. & Khemliche, H. (2015). Determination of the geometric corrugation of graphene on SiC(0001) by grazing incidence fast atom diffraction. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 106(10), 101902.
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Rogez, B., Yang, H., Le Moal, E., Lévêque-Fort, S., Boer-Duchemin, E., Yao, F., Lee, Y. - H., Zhang, Y., Wegner, D., Hildebrandt, N., Mayne, A. J., & Dujardin G. (2014). Fluorescence lifetime and blinking of individual semiconductor nanocrystals on graphene. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 118, 18445–18452.
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Yang, H., Mayne, A. J., Cejas, C., Dujardin, G., & Kuk, Y. (2013). Manipulation at a distance: Atomic-scale observation of ballistic electron transport in single layer graphene. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 102(22), 223104.
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Yang, H., Mayne, A. J., Comtet, G., Dujardin, G., Kuk, Y., Sonnet, P., Stauffer, L., Nagarajan, S., & Gourdon, A. (2013). STM imaging, spectroscopy and manipulation of a self-assembled PTCDI monolayer on epitaxial graphene. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 15(14), 4939–4946.
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Park, C., Yang, H., Mayne, A. J., Dujardin, G., Seo, S., Kuk, Y., Ihm, J., & Kim, G. (2011). Formation of unconventional standing waves at graphene edges by valley mixing and pseudospin rotation. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 108(46), 18622–18625.
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Vizzini, S., Enriquez, H., Chiang, S., Oughaddou, H., & Soukiassian, P. (2011). Nano-structures developing at the graphene/silicon carbide interface. SURFACE SCIENCE, 605(5-6), L6–L11.
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Yang, H., Mayne, A. J., Boucherit, M., Comtet, G., Dujardin, G., & Kuk, Y. (2010). Quantum Interference Channeling at Graphene Edges. NANO LETTERS, 10(3), 943–947.
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Yang, H., Baffou, G., Mayne, A. J., Comtet, G., Dujardin, G., & Kuk, Y. (2008). Topology and electron scattering properties of the electronic interfaces in epitaxial graphene probed by resonant tunneling spectroscopy. PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 78(4), 041408.
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