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Peer-reviewed Publications

Ben Nasr, F., Alata, I., Scuderi, D., Lepere, V., Brenner, V., Jaidane, N. E., & Zehnacker, A. (2019). Effects of complexation with sulfuric acid on the photodissociation of protonated Cinchona alkaloids in the gas phase. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 21(28).
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Declerck, V., Perez-Mellor, A., Guillot, R., Aitken, D. J., Mons, M., & Zehnacker, A. (2019). Vibrational circular dichroism as a probe of solid-state organisation of derivatives of cyclic beta-amino acids: Cis- and trans-2-aminocyclobutane-1-carboxylic acid. Chirality, 31(8).
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Perez-Mellor, A., Alata, I., Lepere, V., & Zehnacker, A. (2019). Conformational Study of the Jet-Cooled Diketopiperazine Peptide Cyclo Tyrosyl-Prolyl. Journal Of Physical Chemistry B, 123(28).
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Tamura, M., Sekiguchi, T., Ishiuchi, S., Zehnacker-Rentien, A., & Fujii, M. (2019). Can the Partial Peptide SIVSF of the beta(2)-Adrenergic Receptor Recognize Chirality of the Epinephrine Neurotransmitter? Journal Of Physical Chemistry Letters, 10(10), 2470–2474.
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