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Peer-reviewed Publications

Blancard C., Cubaynes D., Guilbaud S., & and Bizau J.-M. (2018). Absolute Photoionization Cross Section for Fe6+ to Fe10+ Ions in the Photon Energy Region of the 2p–3d Resonance Lines. The Astrophysical Journal, 853(1), 32.
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Corgier R., Amri S., Herr W., Ahlers H., Guéry-Odelin D., Rasel E. M., Charron E., & Gaaloul N. (2018). Fast manipulation of Bose-Einstein condensates with an atom chip. New J. Phys., 20(5), 055002.
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Mangaud E., P. - J. R., Sugny D., Meier C., Atabek O, & Desouter-Lecomte M. (2018). Non-Markovianity in the optimal control of an open quantum system described by hierarchical equations of motion. New J. Phys., , in press.
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Mendive-Tapia, D., Mangaud, E., Firmino, T., de la Lande, A., Desouter-Lecomte, M., Meyer, H. D., & Gatti, F. (2018). Multidimensional Quantum Mechanical Modeling of Electron Transfer and Electronic Coherence in Plant Cryptochromes: The Role of Initial Bath Conditions. Journal Of Physical Chemistry B, 122(1), 126–136.
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Puglisi A., M. T., Kennedy E.T., Mosnier J.P., Bizau J.M., Cubaynes D., Sisourat N. and Carniato S. (2018). X-ray photochemistry of carbon hydride molecular ions. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20, 4415.
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Puthumpally-Joseph R., Mangaud E., Chevet V., Desouter-Lecomte M., Sugny D., & Atabek O. (2018). Basic mechanisms in the laser control of non-Markovian dynamics. Phys. Rev. A, , in press.
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Zhao, Z. Q., Chen, J., Zhang, Z. J., Zhang, D. H., Wang, X. G., Carrington, T., & Gatti, F. (2018). Computing energy levels of CH4, CHD3, CH3D, and CH3F with a direct product basis and coordinates based on the methyl subsystem. JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 148(7), 074113.
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