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mercredi 26 février

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Structure and dynamics of complex isolated systems

par Zehnacker-Rentien Anne - 5 novembre 2015

Our team encompasses 13 permanent members belonging either to CNRS or to Univ. Paris Sud. They are either physicists or physical chemists.

Our work has a marked interdisciplinary character with a strong chemical or biological interface. It focuses on the study of molecular interactions and their consequences on a spectroscopic probe or photochemical process, in a dilute environment like van der Waals matrices, supersonic expansions, ion traps. To this end, we use spectroscopic techniques like laser-induced fluorescence, resonance-enhanced multiple photon ionization, Infra-red multiple photon dissociation UV-induced, dissociation, IRTF absorption spectroscopy, photon echo spectroscopy, vibrational circular dichroism. Dynamics studies rest on time-resolved experiments like non-linear IR absorption or pump-probe experiments. Quantum chemical calculations are led in conjunction with the experimental work.

The activity is divided into different topics which are listed below.

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