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Hocine Khemliche, P. R., Patrick Rousseau. (2012). Device and method for characterizing surfaces.
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Peer-reviewed Publications

Bulard, E., Fontaine-Aupart, M. - P., Dubost, H., Zheng, W., Bellon-Fontaine, M. - N., Herry, J. - M., & Bourguignon, B. (2012). Competition of Bovine Serum Albumin Adsorption and Bacterial Adhesion onto Surface-Grafted ODT: In Situ Study by Vibrational SFG and Fluorescence Confocal Microscopy. LANGMUIR, 28(49), 17001–17010.
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Bulard, E., Fontaine-Aupart, M. - P., Dubost, H., Zheng, W., Herry, J. - M., Bellon-Fontaine, M. - N., Briandet, R., & Bourguignon, B. (2012). The Effect of Bacterial Adhesion on Grafted Chains Revealed by the Non-Invasive Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy. SPECTROSCOPY-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, 27(5-6), 571–579.
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Cassimi, A., Ikeda, T., Maunoury, L., Zhou, C. L., Guillous, S., Mery, A., Lebius, H., Benyagoub, A., Grygiel, C., Khemliche, H., Roncin, P., Merabet, H., & Tanis, J. A. (2012). Dynamics of charge evolution in glass capillaries for 230-keV Xe23+ ions. PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 86(6), 062902.
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Fan, C., Poumellec, B., Zeng, H., Desmarchelier, R., Bourguignon, B., Chen, G., & Lancry, M. (2012). Gold Nanoparticles Reshaped by Ultrafast Laser Irradiation Inside a Silica-Based Glass, Studied Through Optical Properties. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 116(4), 2647–2655.
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Lalmi, B., Khemliche, H., Momeni, A., Soulisse, P., & Roncin, P. (2012). High resolution imaging of superficial mosaicity in single crystals using grazing incidence fast atom diffraction. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, 24(44), 442002.
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Lancry, M., Poumellec, B., Desmarchelier, R., & Bourguignon, B. (2012). Oriented creation of anisotropic defects by IR femtosecond laser scanning in silica. OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS, 2(12), 1809–1821.
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Prato, M., Toccafondi, C., Maidecchi, G., Chaudhari, V., Harish, M. N. K., Sampath, S., Parodi, R., Esaulov, V. A., & Canepa, M. (2012). Mercury Segregation and Diselenide Self-Assembly on Gold. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 116(3), 2431–2437.
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Chapitres de Livres

Vladimir A.Esaulov. (2012). Low Energy Ion Scattering and Recoiling Spectroscopy in Surface Science. (Vol. 51, pp. 423–460). Springer Series in Surface Science. Springer-Verlag.
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